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Dedicated to learning and designing

This is a catalogue of work I have done over the past few years, here you'll see things like 3D Models/Animation and Group Projects and Final Independent Projects

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A 3D artist who thinks outside the box

Ive been studying games design for nearly 5 years, Ive experimented in alot of different areas of design such as Story design/ 3D design/ Riggin/ Animating and more, However out of all I have tried nothing peaks my interest more than 3D design. Ive research into design of charcters and objects in games, while im still learning to strengthen my skills, I have made great progress so far.

So browse my site to learn a little about me and what ive made so far.

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Throughout my time in 3D design I have used a multitude of different software to create and design, these are some:

- Maya
- Unity
- Substance

- Blender
- Mudbox
- Unreal

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